ParkM was built with the resident and property manager in mind. Through user testing, research, experience, and trial and error we’ve built a product that solves multi-family parking issues while empowering residents to self-manage and giving property managers control over their property parking lot.

A young woman accessing her virtual resident parking permit from her phone

Features That Drive Success

With ParkM, you get:

A 100% virtual solution available 24/7

An easy, intuitive registration and vehicle management process

Ability to monetize guest parking

Property Manager portal that provides full visibility into resident parking permit data

Real-time notifications via email and text to residents anytime there is a change to their account

A team of parking enthusiasts to help with launch, program management, and ongoing customer service support

A row of cars signed in with visitor parking permits

Solutions to be proud of

We’re proud of our solution, but humble enough to know there is always room for improvement. Our focus on customer experience combined with our innovative nature means we will keep evolving to better serve residents and property managers.

Learn how ParkM can help you!

Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 resident portal access, easy to manage resident permits, and guest permits.

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