Why ParkM?

Welcome to Park M, where managing virtual parking for your community is streamlined with our innovative virtual parking permit system. Our platform is designed specifically for property managers looking to simplify their residents’ parking experience, offering a seamless integration of technology and convenience.


Multi-family properties are increasingly experiencing parking lot issues related to a shortage of spaces that lead to overcrowding, unauthorized vehicles that should not be on the property, and vehicles that are parked illegally. It’s also not uncommon for valuable guest spaces to be taken by residents, sometimes for days making it difficult if not impossible for resident’s guests to park on the property.


The Solution

ParkM’s innovative online parking permitting system eliminates these problems with virtual parking permits that can be resident managed 24/7.

Providing a secure place to park leads to happier residents and less stressed property managers. 

Partnering with ParkM means Property Managers can...

Gain control of your parking lot

Track resident vehicles and know which vehicles belong on site or which ones are over extending their stay. Property managers can set limits to how many permits are available on a site level, unit level or leaseholder level. You can also limit the number of guest permits allowed at your community and limit the amount of time a guest may park on site. This visibility allows greater control when you need to involve an enforcement company.

Streamline parking operations

ParkM’s 24/7 self-serve platform allows residents and guests to easily purchase permits and manage their parking accounts without having to visit the leasing office. Our property manager dashboard gives you all you need to know in one quick view. ParkM gives you and your staff valuable time back in your day. No longer will you need to spend hours managing your parking.

Get parking peace of mind

Gain a comprehensive view of the parking situation, contributing to a well managed environment. This leads to reduced parking related issues among residents and guests.

Keep parking organized

ParkM’s virtual system eliminates the clutter and management of physical hang tags, stickers or paper permits. A simple easy-to-read property manager dashboard gives you all the information you need at your fingertips. Organized parking without the headaches.

Why Choose Park M for Your Parking Needs?

At Park M, we understand the importance of efficient and secure parking for residents. Our virtual parking permits offer a hassle-free solution, eliminating the need for physical permits and reducing the risk of loss or damage. With just a few clicks, your residents can register their vehicles, purchase permits, and manage their parking needs online, anytime and anywhere.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Registration and Renewal: Sign up in minutes and renew permits without the paperwork.
  • Guest Parking Made Simple: Residents can offer guests convenient parking with temporary permits available through our platform.
  • Enhanced Security: Our system monitors parking in real time, ensuring only authorized vehicles have access to your community’s parking areas.
  • Eco-Friendly: By going digital, we’re helping reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional paper permits.

Join the many property managers who have already discovered the convenience of parking for residents with Park M. Simplify your parking experience with our virtual parking permits. 

Your Onramp to Better Parking Management

Learn how ParkM can make managing your parking a breeze, with a solution residents will love.

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