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As a property manager, the efficiency of your apartment’s parking system significantly impacts the satisfaction and convenience of your residents. Introducing ParkM — a revolutionary parking management platform tailored for multifamily housing communities. ParkM transcends traditional parking solutions, offering a seamless, tech-driven approach to property management parking permits. In the dynamic world of property management, staying ahead of challenges is key. ParkM understands this, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that revolutionize apartment parking permit management.


Effortless Oversight

Gain real-time visibility into your parking spaces, making management a breeze.

Resident Ease of Use

Enhance your community’s living experience with seamless parking solutions.


Implement a modern parking solution without additional financial burden.

ParkM stands as a future-proof solution in property management. Our cutting-edge technology, coupled with a deep understanding of the multifamily industry’s needs, ensures that your parking management system remains relevant and effective in the years to come.


By partnering with ParkM, your property joins a growing community of multifamily complexes that enjoy the benefits of advanced property management parking permits and apartment parking permit management. Our system not only simplifies parking for your residents but also enhances the overall efficiency and profitability of your property.


With ParkM, parking becomes more than a necessity; it transforms into a seamless, stress-free aspect of your community. Reach out to us today to bring ParkM’s innovative parking solutions to your complex and elevate your property management experience.

“Switching to ParkM has helped out so much with the parking situation at our property! We signed up to use ParkM and the staff is happy as well as the residents!”
Marina M.
M2 Property Manager
"We started using ParkM about a year ago. Our parking issues and complaints have improved by a long shot! We are so thankful for the fast customer service that we receive through ParkM. If any of our staff ever has a question ParkM support is able to respond to us within a 10-minute time frame. It makes using this program extremely easygoing. We are thankful for all of you guys!"
Parkwood Plaza & Continental Court

Features That Drive Success

Streamlined access, digital permits, and insightful reports – all in one place.

24/7 Access

Residents manage their parking round the clock, ensuring convenience and flexibility.Gone are the days of restricted office hours. ParkM provides around-the-clock portal access, allowing residents to manage their parking needs at their convenience. This feature ensures that your residents can handle their parking permits, update vehicle information, and stay informed about parking availability, anytime and anywhere.

Digital Permits

No more physical tags — permits are linked directly to license plates. Simplify your guests’ visits with easy-to-purchase guest permits. ParkM’s system allows residents to obtain permits for their visitors, streamlining access to your community. ParkM simplifies the process of obtaining and managing resident parking permits. Residents can effortlessly purchase, renew, and manage their permits through an intuitive online interface. This ease of use not only enhances resident satisfaction but also reduces the administrative burden on your management team.

Detailed Reporting

Access comprehensive reports for informed decision-making and enhanced control. This feature is a game-changer for residents seeking parking spots. With real-time updates, they can effortlessly locate available spaces, reducing frustration and saving time.

How ParkM Works

ParkM revolutionizes parking management by offering a digital platform where residents can manage their parking permits and guest passes 24/7. Property managers gain unparalleled oversight with real-time data on parking occupancy and usage, ensuring efficient utilization and rule compliance.

Effective enforcement is crucial for maintaining order and fairness in community parking. ParkM equips property managers with robust tools for streamlined enforcement:

  1. Visitor Registration and Rule Enforcement: Keep track of who’s parking and ensure that rules are followed, promoting a sense of security and organization within your community.
  2. Tow Notifications: Quickly address unauthorized parking with efficient tow notifications, maintaining the integrity and availability of parking spaces.
  3. License Plate Reader (LPR) Integration: Utilize cutting-edge LPR technology for instant monitoring and verification of vehicles in your lot, enhancing enforcement efficiency and accuracy.

120,000+ active permits managed everday

A growing community trusts ParkM for their parking needs

2.6 permit purchases made every minute on our platform

Across diverse locations, managing parking more efficiently.

20 States

Expanding reach with reliable parking management solutions across the U.S.

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