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Why ParkM?

ParkM is an online virtual parking permitting system specifically designed for the multifamily industry.

ParkM’s fast, simple and easy to use system allows your residents to self-manage parking 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Residents can manage their vehicles as well as purchase guest permits for their visitors, all online through their own secure login. ParkM is a virtual permitting system, no more hanging tags to get lost or stickers that residents don’t like putting in their cars windshield. All permitting is tied to the registered license plate which eliminates the need for paper permits.

Through the ParkM system property managers can see exactly who is parking at the community and which vehicles are not permitted to park on site. With ParkM, property managers can look up a car online and instantly see who owns the car and what unit they live in. The manager can then alert the resident if they need to temporarily move their car for things like lot resurfacing or property construction. No more calling the tow company to relocate cars.

Clean up your parking lot with ParkM virtual parking permits.

Customer Testamonial

“ Switching to ParkM has help out so much with the parking situation at our property! Parking was becoming a serious issue and then we signed up to use ParkM and the staff is happy as well as the residents! Not only has it helped with keeping the rules enforced for the residents but has kept a very organized system to where residents notice a huge difference and are overall happy with the switch. Molly with ParkM has been fantastic with helping us get set up, answering any/all questions we have and even came in to spend time with residents who had questions when it first rolled out. Highly recommend using ParkM if you want an organized parking lot and happy residents.”

-M2 Property Manager


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